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Type E is a research based organization
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individuals live and work.

TypeEs share a unique physiology, mental outlook and intuitive capability. Are You Type E? Take the 60 second quiz.


change the world.

TypeE's have a unique way of living their lives that is shared by an estimated 5-10% of the population. Understanding and working with the TypeE paradigm helps you bring unique contributions to the world and explore the scope of your personal stage - private, local, global.

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Come play, learn and network as you discover your bottom line experience - creating a business and a life...

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An estimated 5 to 10 percent of individuals have a way of seeing and living their lives that is so completely different from the norm that it can best be described as a personality all its own

Type E critical zone

Those with a TypeE personality have a unique way of living and working in the world, they can often find themselves in the midst of many problems with employers and in relationships.

The anatomy of the Type E personality

To gain a better understanding of how TypeE's operate and why they can be both a blessing and a curse to coworkers as well as family members

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